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Galaxy Pack

Живые обои Персонализация
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After the discovery of a series of four galaxies: Inferno Galaxy, Ice Galaxy, Shadow Galaxy and Galaxy Vortex...... waiting to be explored further nooks of the Universe! On the horizon appeared a new Galaxies:
1. Red Dragon Galaxy2. Hydra Galaxy3. Small Cloud Galaxy4. Pegasus Galaxy5. Colossus Galaxy6. Cyclop Galaxy7. M101 Galaxy 8. Hextor Galaxy 9. Hydrogen Clouds 10. Inferno Clouds 11. Primaeval Galaxy 12. Toxic Galaxy 13. Banelord Cloud14. Genodus Galaxy15. Hellfire Galaxy16. Ultramarine Galaxy17. Rainbow Galaxy18. Tongues of fire Galaxy19. Deep blue Galaxy
Each of them you can view in 3D, in realtime, in OpenGL.Check out what is in each of them. Adjust the settings, change them.
OPTIONS :+ Set Predefined Galaxies (19 available now)+ Set Background type (5 available now)+ Set Core type (3 available now)+ Set Stars type (3 available now)+ Set Stars count (for max speed reduce stars)+ Set X-Ray type, on/off (default off)+ Set Stars on/off+ Accelerometer Sensor On/Off + Accelerate Camera left-right move+ Random Galaxy On/Off, Random Timer + Moving speed
TIPS:+ For more smoth animations reduce number of stars 'Stars Count' in options menu, and speed increase !+ For save battery and CPU set '50% save' in options menu
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